Grace Home OK


There is help

There is hope


 We all have found ourselves in a place of need at some point in our lives…at some time, in some area of our lives, we have each experienced brokenness and loss, hopelessness and defeat…and as a woman with an unplanned pregnancy that may be how you feel.

We want you to know that you are not alone and you have  a choice to continue your pregnancy. We are here to help.

Your plans have changed and life’s path may look different but it can still be full of hope. It is in times of our deepest need that our greatest victories can be won, our most difficult challenges overcome… all through the experience of receiving grace in the form of a helping hand from those who care and want to see you succeed.

Grace Home offers a safe place to live and to be supported as you make decisions for you and your baby’s future.  Both mom and baby will have access to good consistent medical and lasses on prenatal care, nutrition, childbirth and parenting skills which results in healthier births.

While at Grace Home, many other important opportunities are provided. Help with GED, school or career training is provided to help you work toward a good paying job. Your stay will also help prepare you for the future with many life-skills lessons such as money management, goal setting, home and car upkeep as well as building healthy relationships.