Grace Home

In 2013, the idea of Grace Home began with a small church and their desire to make a difference in the lives of young women who found themselves alone, pregnant and without any options to continue their pregnancies. Initially church members wanted to provide a safe place, support and a new beginning by opening their own homes. As they began to research that possibility they quickly saw the Lord was doing something bigger. They took a giant step of faith and began to work toward opening a maternity home by raising the needed funds. In 2014, ground was broken and Grace Home started to become a reality. In 2015, the house was completed debt-free, staff was hired and on May 9, 2015 Grace Home opened its doors.


On May 23rd, two weeks after opening Grace Home was destroyed by a tornado. All were safe though the roof was gone and water destroyed everything inside. Members of the community and ministry partners arrived to help us move into a temporary location. As the home was being rebuilt we soon settled into our new home and in October of 2015 we had our first resident move in.


In April of 2016 we moved back into the rebuilt original residence. Today, we have a beautiful 6 bedroom home that provides a safe haven for women in difficult circumstances. We function as a family with house parents who live on site and invest in the lives of the residents. Grace Home provides shelter, access to consistent medical care as well as all kinds of educational opportunities: school, life-skills, parenting skills, and much more!

Lives are being changed.  Cycles are being broken.  Grace is being found.  Hope is being restored.