Grace Home OK

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How far along in my pregnancy do I need to be before I can come to Grace Home?
A: If you are pregnant and need a safe place to continue your pregnancy, then Grace Home may be for you. Women come to Grace Home at all different times during their pregnancy.

 Q: Do I have to leave Grace Home when my baby is born?
A: No. As a new mom, we want to help you learn how to care for your baby and continue to help you prepare for the future. Women can stay up to a year after having their baby giving time for new patterns to take become a part of your life.

Q: How long am I allowed to stay at Grace Home?
A: Your length of stay will depend on a number of factors: your age, where you are in school, how much family support you have, and what you need to accomplish to reach your goals.

Q: What are the ages of the women who stay in the home?
A: Most of the women who come to Grace Home are between 18 to 30.

Q: Can I bring my other children with me?
A: At this time we are only able to house a mother and her infant. If the children are in the custody of someone else and it is permissible, we do help you see your children and work toward reunification.

Q: If I come to Grace Home, do I have to place my baby for adoption?
A: No. Adoption is a very personal and difficult decision that only you can make. We will support you whether you decide to parent your child or choose to prepare an adoption plan.

Q: If I decide to make an adoption plan, will you help me find a couple?
A: In order to avoid any conflict of interest, we do not help girls find couples. We will help you find an adoption agency that you feel comfortable with and they will explain your options and help you with the adoption process.

Q: How many young women and their babies can stay at Grace Home?
A: We have 6 bedrooms, so we can have up to 6 moms at a time. Each woman has a bedroom of their own with space for their baby.

Q: Do I have to live near Grace Home to come there?
A: No, we accept girls from all over Oklahoma and from other states.

Q: Can I see my family while I am living at Grace Home?
A. Yes, we have passes for home visits. If your family is a safe and positive influence and you doing well at Grace Home, you will be able to spend a weekend at home with your family each month.

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Q: What is the admission process?
A: As a potential resident of Grace Home you will fill out our application as well as provide proof of pregnancy. There will be an interview with our staff where you will have the opportunity to meet staff, tour the home and talk about our program as well as review our guidelines . We want to help you decide if Grace Home is the best option for you and your child.

Q: What will I do at Grace Home?
A: The first 30 days are an adjustment period for you and during that time we work together to build your care plan. We also begin working with a Doctor so you receive the prenatal care. You will begin working on an educational plan, participating in Grace Home classes on life-skills, parenting, relationships and substance abuse support. After reaching certain goals you will be able to work and begin saving for your future.

Q: How will I get to my appointments, school and job?
A: We will provide transportation while you are at Grace Home.